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iMFC Function Activation for 1 Year

How to complete the activation process:

Create a user account at


Download the MFC 3in1 Suite Installer


Run this software. Copy and paste the received activation code




iMFC function 1 Year Activation

  • After activated iMFC online at, You can use the iMFC function of the MFC software through the user account without using the MFC Dongle hardware.

Basic functions of iMFC (General iOS iDevice - iPhone & iPad & iPod & Apple Watch)

  • Support all iOS iDeivce read general information
  • Support iPhone 7 ~ x enter purple diagnostic mode and data change by USB cable or DCSD cable (beta)
  • Support super Restore & Update & Custom flash IPSW
  • Automatic iOS version detecting, Even in disabled or untrust mode
  • Support multi iDevice operating in same time
  • History recording by Real-time logs
  • Support all iOS iDeivce Activate / Deactivate by USB cable
  • Support management user's  / system and Archives Apps
  • Support Update、Install、Uninstall、Backup Apps by one button
  • Support Apple Watch repair/ update/ restore by iBus Tools (S6 in beta)
  • Support all iOS iDeivce mode change by USB cable
  • Support all iOS iDeivce diagnostics check by USB cable
  • Support all iOS iDeivce time setting by USB cable (beta)

System Requirements

  • All Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10


A. If you have already purchased MFC Dongle and within the valid activation period, you do not need to purchase this Activation, iMFC function 1 Year Activation is a virtual product which does not support refund & return requests for any other reasons

B. iMFC function 1 Year Activation is a virtual product which no shipping required


Where to active iMFC ?

  • Logging in with a valid account on the official website, in your dashboard activate the iMFC function by the purchased activation code

How to use ?

  • Download the latest version of MFC Suite software (Version > 3.31) and install on your computer, start using iMFC function with your valid account

Free use of membership and the Valid Period (Activation Required by product serial number on

  • iMFC user(1 YEAR FREE)
  • MFC Dongle user (FREE to use, and with Same valid activation period as mfc dongle)
  • iPOWER X user(1 YEAR FREE
  • iREWORK Station user (5 YEARS FREE)