EFT Pro Tool Activation for 1  year
EFT Pro Tool No need Dongle it is online activation 
EEFT Pro Unlimited Free iCloud bypass 1 year 
EFT Pro iCloud bypass without credit 
iCloud bypass Free Tool EFT Pro 
EFT Pro without any dongle 
How to Active EFT pro See video Here https://youtu.be/jM38Ux7L5gw
EFT Pro Support model and features Video See here https://youtu.be/Ih1PyZ3mu0I

WhatsApp; +8801721672766

EFT Pro Tool Activation is a standalone tool for servicing SAMSUNG and HUAWEI phones.

No dongle is required!

Please note. This activation is valid for one year only!
After the expiration you have to purchase it again, if you want to continue using EFT Pro Tool software.

How to Activate?

ADB Mode
Backup contacts (ADB)
Backup data (ADB)
Dump ROM (ADB Root)
Enable Hidden Languages (ADB Root)
Read Info (ADB)
Reboot (ADB)
Remove ScreenLock (ADB ROOT)
Remove ScreenLock (ADB)
Remove Security Log Notification (ADB ROOT)
Remove Security Log Notification (ADB)
Reset FRP (ADB)
Restore data (ADB)
Install APKs (ADB)
Remove apps (ADB)
Setup MoreLocale (ADB)
Flash Firmware (Download Mode)
Flash multi images (Download Mode)
Flash patched EFT files (Download Mode)
Read PIT (Download Mode)
Read Cert (ADB ROOT)
Restore Original (ADB ROOT)
Set SIM Count (ADB Root)
Write Cert (ADB Root)
Write IMEI (ADB Root)
Backup EFS (ADB Root)
Backup Security (ADB Root)
Downgrade modem [Write combo modem] (ADB Root)
Flash ENG EFS [Fix EFS errors] (Download Model)
Reset EFS (ADB Root)
Reset Security (ADB Root)
Restore EFS (ADB Root)
Restore Security (ADB Root)
ROM Editor
Fix dm-Verity (ADB-Rooted EFT Recovery)
Fix S-Health (ADB Root)
Install Google apps (ADB Root)
Remove Security Log Notification (ADB Root)
Remove Security Log Notification (ADB)
Remove Warning logo at boot(Download mode)
Translate Device (ADB Root)
Translate Device (ADB)
Bypass Protections
Bypass DRK --DM-Verity 2 error 2 --FRP OEM ON (Download Mode)
Reset [ScreenLock - FRP -MDM -Call Me -Samsung Account --FRP OEM ON (Download Mode)
Reset ScreenLock --FRP OEM ON (Download Mode)
Reset ScreenLock --FRP OEM OFF (Download Mode)
Reset FRP (ADB)
Reset FRP (Download Mode)
Reset FRP for old versions (Download Mode)
Reset FRP UFS (Bootloader -UART)
Flash APP Firmware (Fastboot)
Flash APP Firmware (Upgrade Mode - Fastboot)
Flash Board From XML (Fastboot)
Reset FRP [Test Point] (USB COM 1.0)
Reset FRP useing server (Fastboot)
UnBrick Device (USB COM 1.0)
UnBrick Device (EDL)
Temporary Decode Bootloader (USB COM 1.0)
Fastboot APP Firmware (Fastboot)
Read Info (Fastboot)
Temporary decode bootloader (Fastboot)
Screen Lock
Decrypt Screen Lock (ADB)
Reset Screen Lock
Read info (Boot Mode)
Reset FRP (Boot Mode)
Flash firmware (Boot Mode)
Read Scatter Firmware (Boot Mode)
Factory Reset (Boot Mode)
Format specified partition (Boot Mode)
Reset Screen Lock (Boot Mode)
How to Activate
Step 1. Download the EFT Pro Tool software

Step 2. Launch the software. Choose the 'Account' option and press 'Register' to register your account