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This service will give bootloader code only. Result is AES Encrypted, please use link to decrypt, to get Bootloader code.

sample result:

8693780305669xx    U2FsdGVkX18YGJHFrpR/Awy2ZIF6i+1dBZuThqN4hRbxyg2F0DXZZzngZe4m/ddd

Encrypted results are from database,we do not accept any video proof for non working codes. No Verify / No refund / No cancel on this service strictly. Junk IMEI/Wrong IMEI NO refund. If you do not accept the rules, DO NOT place orders.

The results given will be AES encrypt format. Use des encrypt & decrypt online page, to decypt, you will get bootloader code.

Follow this image for Encryption









Online AES encrypt & decrypt: 








How to use it?